The Opulentus Wealth Management Story

After spending numerous years working for blue chip Corporate companies, Nikki decided to hand in her access card and embark on a personal journey to seek a purposeful career. In 2015, Opulentus Wealth Management was born. We are a fee for advice financial advisory practice. Our purpose is to disrupt the current status quo in our country by providing clients from all walks of life, the opportunity to access Wealth management services which in the past was only available to selected clients. Traditional Financial Service Providers segment clients based on their income and/or academic status and offer Wealth management services accordingly. At Opulentus Wealth our bespoke client value proposition is available to all clients irrespective of their income bracket. An hourly consultation fee is charged in exchange for our services. Our vision is to assist ordinary clients fulfil extraordinary dreams. By partnering with clients and assisting them in translating their dreams and goals we create bespoke wealth management strategies to empower our clients to successfully reach their financial goals. We work with both individual and business clients offering lifestyle and life stage financial planning, business planning, local and offshore investment strategies, estate planning, fiduciary services and tax advisory services. Whether our clients are students looking to make wiser decisions about how they manage the income earned from part time jobs or whether you are a single mom trying to give your child the best life possible, we are privileged to partner with you on your journey to fulfil your financial goals. We are passionate about valuing and respecting our client relationships and believe that every client on boarded is a “lifetime” client. Since 2015 we have successfully touched the lives of many clients. Our advice has enabled two clients to successfully pay tuition fees for children’s University education. We have celebrated the graduation of these two young graduates who are ready to conquer the working world and create a difference in their lives and that of their families. We have celebrated alongside with our clients as they have purchased dream homes, embarked on first time overseas trips, expanded businesses and we have also successfully assisted in creating one millionaire under the age of 30. Our long term goal is to expand the team nationally and globally within the next few years and we trust that we will have the opportunity to work with you in the near future.